Our agency specializes in digital marketing services tailored for flooring companies.We help flooring businesses enhance their online presence, generate leads, and ultimately secure more jobs.


Our approach is strategic and goal-oriented, focusing on your unique service offerings, target markets, and areas of expertise. With our proven methods, we ensure that your flooring company gains visibility, attracts potential clients, and experiences growth in job opportunities.


You can know more in this video of our Youtube channel.

Short answer:

Following lead engagement with our ads, we maintain consistent contact for the first five days through calls, voicemails, emails, and texts.


If no response, we retry after four days, then a week, and two weeks later. Our dedication doesn’t waver, as we continue monthly follow-ups until we receive a definitive «yes» or «no.»


Long answer:

I’ve written this article on LinkedIn about our approach to the follow-up process within our agency. In the article, I’ve provided a summary of our core offerings: we are dedicated to applying follow-up processes to leads to qualify them and to clients to nurture and upsell them for flooring companies.


Additionally, we’ve posted this  video on our YouTube channel that covers more aspects of the follow-up process we employ within our agency.

We guarantee 2 new booked flooring jobs per month, or we don’t get paid.

Unlike lead generation companies like Angi’s List and HomeAdvisor, our agency doesn’t merely provide leads. We guarantee actual jobs and maintain continuous communication with leads until they commit to the job or opt out.


Our revenue is earned through a commission from completed paid jobs, ensuring a results-oriented approach.

You can know more in this video of our Youtube channel.

Absolutely, it’s great to hear that you’re already running paid ads for your flooring business. Our strength lies in partnering with businesses like yours that have active marketing teams.


We specialize in the follow-up process, ensuring no leads are left behind. With our performance-based model, we guarantee 2 booked jobs monthly. This way, you can continue focusing on lead generation, while we maximize conversion potential through our thorough follow-up approach. It’s a collaborative strategy designed to enhance your results.

We qualify leads by asking them important questions on our landing pages, such as project size, budget, readiness, and timeline.


This helps us create a lead profile that matches your criteria. We then follow up with qualified leads, ensuring you connect with potential clients who align with your services and are more likely to become valuable customers for your flooring business.

Absolutely! Our strategies can be tailored to fit the needs and goals of businesses of various sizes, from small local installers to larger regional companies.

To activate a successful database reactivation campaign, you would need to share your existing customer database with us. This would include contact information, such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers.


Additionally, providing any historical purchase data, details about past services, and any preferences your customers have shared would greatly enhance the effectiveness of the campaign. The more comprehensive your customer data, the better we can tailor our reactivation strategies to engage and entice your previous clients.

Having your own media files is crucial for a flooring company because it adds authenticity and uniqueness to your brand. While stock media can be useful, your own images and videos showcase your actual work, team, and projects, giving potential clients a genuine sense of what you offer.


This personal touch helps build trust and credibility, setting you apart from competitors and creating a more engaging and relatable online presence.

The best choice depends on your business goals and readiness. If you’re starting and want a wider reach at a lower cost, go with Facebook Ads. They’re great for building brand awareness and engaging a larger audience.


On the other hand, if you’re looking to capture highly intent-driven leads who are actively searching for flooring services, Google Ads is the way to go. It might cost more per lead, but you’ll likely get more qualified prospects ready to make a purchase.


If you want to know more, you can watch this video of our Youtube channel